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Bringing the African experience to Concord, NH

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At Maddy’s Food, we bring the heart and soul of Africa to the vibrant city of Concord. Our story is one of passion, flavor, and a commitment to creating a culinary experience that resonates with your taste buds and your soul.

Maddy's Food Hub Best Known for

Authentic African Flavors:

We're renowned for bringing the true taste of Africa to Concord. Our dishes are a testament to the authenticity and rich heritage of African cuisine, lovingly crafted to transport your taste buds straight to the heart of the continent.

Affordable Price

We take pride in offering our authentic African cuisine at prices that won't break the bank. At Maddy's Food Hub, you can savor the richness of African flavors without straining your wallet.

Community and Inclusivity:

We take pride in being a welcoming, family-style eatery that serves as a hub for the community. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels at home, regardless of their background. We're known for fostering unity, celebrating diversity, and creating lasting connections.

Trailblazing Spirit

Maddy's Food Hub is a testament to the pioneering spirit of its founder, Patty Sabol. We're known for overcoming challenges, breaking barriers, and setting an example for other Black entrepreneurs in the city. We aim to be a source of inspiration for those with dreams and aspirations.

Maddy's African Market

Not only are we a restaurant, but we also offer a market where you can discover traditional African spices, vegetables, meats, and pre-made meals. Our market has become a treasure trove for those seeking authentic African products and ingredients.

Free Wifi

Enjoy free wifi as you dine at Maddy's Food Hub.


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Take A Look At Our Dishes

Discover the artistry of our dishes through a stunning gallery of images. Each photo captures the essence of our culinary creations, showcasing the colors, textures, and flavors that make Maddy’s Food a unique and unforgettable dining experience


Our Customer's Reviews

Louise P.
Louise P.
My husband and I tried Maddys last night. Everything we had was absolutely delicious!! I don't know if it was the owner who took our order but he was super nice !! I'd definitely go back
Tracy T.
Tracy T.
Parking was very easy. The food was amazing! Will def return to try other foods Portion sizes were great for the pricing.
Sarah Joy L.
Sarah Joy L.
The food is SO GOOD! If you haven't tried West African food, you are missing out! I also appreciated: 1. The owner is super friendly. 2. The food is reasonably priced. 3. The decor is cheerful and welcoming.
Ian H.
Ian H.
My daughter (9) and I ate here tonight. I admittedly know very little about the African cuisines presented, but I like trying new things and they had a kids' menu. Everything we tried was very flavorful, and the heat went from fairly bland to seriously spicy. We will go back, hopefully very soon.
Ian W.
Ian W.
I'm so glad there's a place in Concord to stop in for authentic African cuisine. Maddy's Food Hub opened on Fort Eddy Road near Planet Fitness recently. The space has a homey atmosphere with seating in the dining area and a takeout counter. After seeing their small grocery Mart next to Man Yee Express in the Heights, I decided to head to their small restaurant for takeout. I ordered the Banku & Fried Fish ($17 plus tax) and the owner asked me how spicy, referring to the sauce that comes with it. I was given the spicy sauce and the non spicy tomato sauce on the side. My food was ready to go in about 15 minutes. The boxed dinner had a dense balled cornmeal (slight salt flavor) served with fried croaker fish with bones with shredded onion, and pepper on the side and hot & mild sauces on the side. The hot flaky fish needed to be carefully deboned before enjoying. The sauces were great with my food and with the Banku, the dinner was filling to eat. I will keep Maddy's Food Hub on my list of places to stop for a fresh cooked African meal.
Kim My
Kim My
Delicious food. We had fufu and peanut butter soup with cowfoot. Very rich. It’s like a rich curry. The place is clean and the food comes quickly. Can’t wait to be back!
Michael Greenberg
Michael Greenberg
Easiest 5 stars ever. The food was excellent, jolof rice and chicken was perfect. The spices in the beans with snapper were unreal. Food came out quick, and everything was super tasty. The folks at Maddy’s are friendly and the portions are generous.
larry hassan
larry hassan
Good food and good place
Gina Pizzurro
Gina Pizzurro
10/10 This place is amazing! The owner was super friendly and made me feel like I was at home and suggested a dish to try. I ended up getting the curry goat and fufu and spinach stew.. the goat was so tender and delicious and the stew was phenomenal
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker
Unique and delicious - chicken, rice and plantains were all 10/10. And service was super friendly. So cool to be able to enjoy West African cuisine in Concord.
Taylor Hall
Taylor Hall
My friend and I wanted to try something outside of our usual, so we decided to give Maddie's a try. WOW We were both impressed by the food as well as Maddie's service - Maddie came over to our table to explain what we were eating, how it was prepared, etc. If you are looking for something authentic, unlike anything else in the area, with an owner who is clearly passionate about what she is doing, Maddie's will not disappoint
Rizwana Alamgir-Arif
Rizwana Alamgir-Arif
Loved the fish dishes and plantains. The hot pepper sauce is very flavorful.

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